27 Ways You Can Get More Construction Jobs in 2020

Winning construction projects is easy if you have the right strategy.

Even if you have a bad strategy, you’ll be successful.   The point is to have a strategy.

We teach our clients the Xplode Strategy which sets you up to develop lifetime clients.  If you’re serious about getting more construction projects, you’ll need three parts to succeed:

  1. Get potential clients to Invite you to Bid
  2. Estimate those projects fast and efficiently (we can help with this part)
  3. Convert clients to lifetime clients

We cover all these steps in detail in our Ultimate Guide to Grow your Construction Business.

But here we’re going to focus on what you came here for – ways to get more projects and leads.

Once you start getting a ton of leads, our construction estimating services are designed for busy contractors with limited time to help you out.

Initial Game Plan

We’re going to create a plan to find great clients and great projects.  A few recommendations before we start:

  • Create a dedicated email for your estimating department (even if it’s just you)
  • If possible, get a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) to keep track of new contacts and projects.  You also use an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Make business cards and company polos.  You can do this on Fiverr.com and Vistaprint.com
  • Have a plan on how to estimate these projects faster.  They are going to start coming in by the truckload!

Let’s get started.  Here are the best ways to get more construction projects.

Instant Methods

1. Double-Dipping Method

If you’re a General Contractor, you really should also be pursuing jobs as a Subcontractor.  The best part about being a GC/Subcontractor is that you have a long list of Subcontractors to perform the work for you.  You can hire these guys at a discounted rate, labor only, and just manage materials and overall management of projects.

I recommend you pursue each project as a GC, find out who is bidding, and then use the Architect as a resource to find out who your competition is.  You won’t always get an opportunity as a GC though, and thats why your backup plan is to bid that same job as a Subcontractor to the bidding GCs.

It’s a great strategy to complement your current income, but if you want to have more steady work, this is definitely the way to go.

Create a separate business entity with a different name and also bid as a Subcontractor.  You can pick a few specialties you know well and stick with those.  Most Generals don’t like to hire a company to do too many trades because that leads to lower quality at the end.

2. Sign up for Commercial Lead Generation Services

If you’re in commercial construction as a general contractor or subcontractor, commercial lead generation services are the best way to start and get connected with clients who need contractors, and projects who are currently out for bid.

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